Camp GimletCamp Gimlet’s cook tent serves three meals daily and offers a variety of choices at each meal. Most meals are served buffet-style and eaten family-style. Campers take turns helping the cook staff set meals out, cleaning up the tables and dining area after each meal.

Campers choose where they sit during each meal. Snacks are generally available mid-morning and mid-afternoon and occasionally as part of an evening program.

Special Diets

  • To protect all our campers, staff and wildlife, campers without special medical needs should refrain from bringing food, candy, or drinks to camp.
  • If you need to bring a personal supply of food for a medical reason, ensure that any food brought to camp is coordinated with camp staff prior to attendance.
  • Any camper with an anaphylactic allergy must have a written allergy action plan signed by the prescribing physician.
  • Contact us to discuss special diet needs in advance of camp.