Daily Schedule

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Campers can expect a wide variety of activities while at Camp Gimlet. From the river and ponds to survival skills to naturalist explorations, there is always something fun to do!

Check out a typical day at Camp Gimlet to see what excitement awaits you!

7:30 am – Rise & Shine!

8:00 am – After everyone is up; we head to the cook tent for a hearty breakfast and announcements.

Camp Gimlet | Daily Schedule9:00 am – Activity 1

10 am – Activity 2

11 am – Morning Snack & Activity 3

12 pm – After you’ve worked up a healthy appetite, it’s time for lunch! You’re sure to  look forward to mealtime at Camp Gimlet since we offer delicious, healthy food- often you will cook your own on the camp fire!

1 pm – Activity 3

3pm – Afternoon Snack & Activity 4

5 pm – You’re free to choose an activity on the spot during Free Time. Play Frisbee on the field, play a game with a counselor, or get creative with arts and crafts―it’s up to you!

6 pm – Head to the cook tent for a scrumptious Dinner.

7 pm – The day is winding down, and it’s time for an all-camp evening program, which could be anything from Campfire music, Carnival Night, Camp Olympics, a Potlatch Ceremony or an Educational Presentation.

8:30 – 9 pm – Return to your tents for some quiet flashlight time. Whether you’re sharing stories from the day or thinking about tomorrow, it’s a great time to bond with your tent mates.

9:30 pm – After a fun-filled day, it’s time for lights out. You’ll fall asleep to the sounds of the wind in the trees and awaken rested and ready for another day of Camp Gimlet adventures!