Camp Gimlet Programs

Camp Gimlet | Camp ProgramsThe core of the Camp Gimlet program. Campers experience a selection of programs that offer many different fun ways to connect the natural world.

Camp Gimlet Programs include

  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Shelter building
  • Leaf and flower printing
  • Aquatic Insect and Owl Study
  • Herbalist Class
  • Making rain sticks
  • River walks & stream stomps
  • Camp GimletMountain Biking, River Floating and Mountain Scrambling
  • Learning the art of fire making
  • Map & compass skills
  • Animal tracking
  • And much, much more!

Free Time 

This is a valuable time for campers to exercise independence and personal choice. Campers can move between program areas, and staff members provide supervision and offer games and activities. Free time is also a great time to chat with friends, relax with a book, or work on a craft project. Of course, taking a dip is always a popular option on a warm afternoon!

Evening Programs

After supper, an evening program is offered that draws the whole camp community into a fun game or activity. Adults are encouraged to join our campers and staff for all Evening Programs.

Evening Programs include:

  • Campfire Music
  • Carnival Night
  • Camp Gimlet Olympics
  • Potlatch Ceremony